Cash loan from Switzerland

The cash credit from Switzerland is becoming more and more popular because it offers advantages that are not available from German banks. It also enables people with a bad Credit Bureau to get a loan

In order to apply for a cash loan from Switzerland, the applicant does not have to personally go to the bank. Those interested in credit can visit various portals on the Internet and filter out a provider. There are numerous providers, but there are already some differences. The conditions of the individual providers vary widely. Interest rates in particular are very differently staggered.


Credit comparison should always be made first

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This is the only way to filter out a favorable offer. Once a provider has been found, a form can be filled out. As a rule, the future borrower must send his proof of salary. A copy of the ID card is also required. With this, the bank can check at a glance that the borrower is registered in Germany and, above all, is of legal age. As soon as the documents have been checked, the provider sends various offers of credit.

The borrower now only has the choice of deciding on an offer. Once the choice is made, a loan agreement is signed. As a rule, the loan amount is credited to the account within a few days.


What should borrowers look out for?

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Borrowers who choose a cash loan from Switzerland should first and foremost make sure that the provider is reputable. At first glance, this is not always apparent. However, there are numerous testimonials on the Internet that should be read. This way, black sheep can be filtered out and there will be no problems with the Swiss cash advance.

Interest rates are also an important issue. With larger sums in particular, care should be taken to ensure that interest rates are not too high. Although they are not comparable to those of German banks, money can still be saved here. Installment payments should not be overestimated. A longer runtime should be used instead.

If, for whatever reason, the installments are not repaid, a wage seizure will result. Then the borrower would find himself in a financial emergency that is avoidable. If you cannot pay your installment for a month, you should contact the bank as soon as possible. In the event of an emergency, these may grant a postponement


Negative Credit Bureau entries – no problem

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Those who fear that they will not receive the cash credit from Switzerland through negative Credit Bureau entries do not have to worry. Switzerland does not work with Credit Bureau. The bank cannot take a look at Credit Bureau and does not know that, for example, loan agreements already exist.

This is exactly what makes the loan so attractive. Especially those who have a lot of entries in the Credit Bureau and have already been rejected by German banks often take out the cash credit from Switzerland. The loan taken out in Switzerland is also not entered in the Credit Bureau, so that later loans can be taken out from German banks without any problems. Only German banks work with Credit Bureau.

Foreign loan for Germans

When it comes to lending, many people think of German banks. Many forget that there is also a foreign loan for Germans. This can apply at any time and offers the loan applicant many advantages.


Advantages of a foreign loan for Germans

Advantages of a foreign loan for Germans

The foreign loan for Germans has many advantages. It also offers customers with poor creditworthiness the opportunity to obtain a loan. The loan taken out abroad is not recorded in the Credit Bureau. This is because foreign banks do not know Credit Bureau. As a result, they cannot work with them. Especially those who have too many entries in the Credit Bureau and therefore do not receive a loan in Germany can be successful here.

Another advantage is the exchange rate. The loan is taken out in dollars , but the customer receives the dollar. The exchange rate, if this is taken into account when applying, can ensure that the loan is cheap. Back will be paid later in dollars, so there will be no problems.


How does borrowing work?

Borrowing is not as complicated as many may think. Even if the loan comes from abroad, it does not have to be applied for abroad. Banks have come up with something for this. So that the foreign credit for Germans can be taken up, the German has to look for a credit broker on the Internet. These work together with several banks, so the range is wide.

As soon as a credit broker has been found, the necessary documents must be submitted. These include pay slips, a copy of your ID and a copy of your registration confirmation. The proof of salary is used to check that a regular income is available. This is important, because those who are in marginal employment or those who are only temporary will not receive the loan.

The ID is important because the applicant must be at least 18 years old abroad. The confirmation of registration serves to prove that you are resident in Germany.

After the documents have been checked, the customer must fill out a form in which his or her credit request is entered and the duration of the loan. As soon as this information has been sent to the credit broker, the broker will take care of the offers. The offers are easily sent by email. The customer only has to choose one of the offers.

If an offer has been signed and sent back, the credit will be transferred to the applicant’s account. With a foreign loan for Germans, it can take a week until the amount has been transferred. The repayment was already agreed in the contract. As with German banks, a monthly rate is agreed. This rate is booked from the account so that the loan is repaid in a few months.


What borrowers should look out for

First of all, it must be said that the loan amounts will not be as high as at German credit institutions. The amount is often a maximum of 3,000 to 3,500 dollars. Furthermore, care should be taken to contact a reputable credit broker.

The dubious can be found quickly. On the one hand, they often charge a fee that should be paid before the contract. Insurance also offers a further indication of black sheep. These insurance policies do not come from banks. If insurance is taken out in advance, it can be assumed that no credit will follow. The customer is only offered an expensive insurance that can hardly be canceled.